Archtop builds

I've always loved the look of archtop jazz guitars, they are a heap more work than building a solid body and require quite a different skill set, the first one I made following the Bob Benedetto book and after
that I went my own way.

Art deco Archtop

My first archtop following the Bob Benedetto book, there are a few differences but only for aesthetics to give an art deco flavour.

1900s Gibson O replica

I've always loved Orville Gibson's early work, this is a copy of one of his first archtops, obviously with a nod to his mandolin building. This has been built with a slimmer neck and truss rod to give it a more modern feel and an internal pickup. A really lovely guitar.

Scroll archtop

Now here's an interesting one, a smaller archtop with a lot of unique features including a home made sliding pickup. A VERY usable and versatile guitar. Some oddballs work some don't, this one most definitely does! CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR MORE