Some build pictures

Top and back plates

The top and back plates with the outside contour carved, the front is pine and the back quilted maple.

Carving inside profile

One of the most tedious parts of the build, carving the inside of the top and back plates, in the background you can see my drill press set with a depth stop that I use to drill 101 holes to use as a guide to carve to thickness.

Bending the sides

Bending the sides with a bending iron, spray the sides with water and then press them on to the pipe bender.

Side mold

A mold/template is made to set the sides to the correct shape, also blocks have been made for the scroll areas, it wouldn't be possible to bend the sides around the tight radius.

Gluing the back and sides

I guess I use an unusual method for gluing the back to the sides, I clam the sides in the mold and then use these simple scrap squares of wood screwed down to the mold to clamp the back in place, keeps the sides to the intended shape!

body and top

Here's the body and top ready to be joined. sound holes cut and braces added.


Here's the neck underway, not sure why I went for carbon rods? Nice figured maple and bi-flex truss rod.

On the final stretch.

Custom tailpiece, leaf style "f" holes and a lot of sanding!

Applying finish.

Stain and finishing, nitro cellulose.


I decided to keep with the leaf theme for the headstock shape.

Maple at its best!

Spectacular quilted maple for the back and tiger flame for the neck.

The completed guitar.

Not everyone's cup of tea I guess, but it can't be ignored!