1958 Flying V build

Well, now you've found out what REALLY floats my boat, building historic instruments and the Flying V really hit the spot for me. I have a confession, one of my favourite genres of music is '70s glam rock, I grew up with the likes of The Sweet, Slade and T-Rex and to this day my enthusiasm for the music has never changed, for me the Flying V just fitted perfectly, it's one of those guitars you love or hate I guess and I think you can guess that I absolutely love them, I'd say to the haters "just give it a try and you might be surprised", one of my friends picked one up and started playing, half an hour later he put it down and said "Shit, now I've got an itch that needs scratching". To me they are a perfect guitar, the only one I know with complete access to the fretboard and perfect balance. Complete build on Youtube www.youtube.com/@3rguitars890/playlists (20 parts) 

These two beauties are faithful reproductions of the original Gibson 1958 Flying Vs, built from korina mahogany with Brazilian rosewood fretboards, celluloid nitrate marker dots, nitro cellulose relic finish and super light weight. The originals, assembled in 1958 were blackguards but assembly went on into the early '60s with different fittings, it's not worth me rambling on about all the details as it's extensively covered in the Youtube build videos. These are as good as it gets without having to rob a bank to buy an original!