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Here's one that I couldn't resits, I saw the add on ebay and just felt so sorry for it, probably wrecked by a Pete Townsend impressionist or may be someone got hold of it who didn't appreciate what it was, who knows ?

Anyhow it caught my eye, I picked it up for a reasonable price and I just thought I could fit it in between my paying work!

In additon I thought this project would summarise all the typical guitar repairs.

Here's a picture book of the repairs... finished pictures at the bottom of the page


The poor thing in bits, hand painted

Only the bridge and pickup covers are missing


Paint stripper removes the existing ugh!

Hand painted finish being removed


Awful headstock repair notice the screw!


Also smashed body edge!

Body/neck repair commenced

Letting in mahogany pieces to repair the cracks in the body and 'biscuits' in the front pickup cavity to strengthen the neck joint

Control cavity repair

Similar repair to control cavity pieces glued back and a biscuit to be let in for strength

Neck/Headstock repair

Here's my method of repairing headstock breaks, Ddremel router and homemade jig..... glue alone won't do if the crack is anything but hairline

Mahogany inserts fit like a glove

A few more shots

Some more

Here's the finished job

And the other end..repair 'biscuits'

Control cavity 'invisible' repair

Getting there

Well here it is back how it should look ! I've made no attempt to relic the new parts, pickup covers, knobs, bridge and repaired Kluson tuner, I don't see the point its a genuine Gibson guitar which has had a hard life.


A really lovely guitar ready to rock again for another 35 years